Betting on football in live is not so easy: the game is very dynamic, unpredictable, the result can change dramatically at the last minute. The same rules apply to real-time football betting as for bookmaker betting:

Keep up to date with the statistics. Be sure to prepare for the upcoming match. Read the forecasts, independently study the statistics, the motivation of individual players and the team as a whole. We recommend using several sources of information, including foreign ones.
Do not jump to conclusions. Football is a very dynamic game. Do not trust 100% of the odds offered by bookmakers. Really assess the situation on the field and trust your intuition.
The goal is to earn money, not to quench the thirst for excitement. No need to give in to the excitement and put all the money at once. Better distribute your bankroll correctly by dividing it into equal parts for multiple bets, online sportsbook betting .
Let’s look at two strategies that players use to win on live football bets.

Bet on ” total less”

The strategy is based on mathematical expectation and probability theory. The main rule is to always bet on less. You need to argue with the bookmaker that there will be no more goals in the match. You will need a solid bankroll, you need to have at least $ 100 in stock. It is not a fact that you will risk all this money, but it should be in your account before the game. Naturally, there is a risk of losing all the money, this is not even discussed.

We start betting from the pre-match, we bet on the fact that there will be no goals in the match. Usually the bookmaker offers a good coefficient for a zero draw, it varies between 5-7. We bet $ 5 and start watching the match.

So, you are arguing with a bookmaker that there will be less than five goals in the match. Look at the statistics and make sure that there are a lot of matches with less than five goals. Therefore, the chances of winning are very high. With a high probability, there will be fewer goals, so at one stage the meeting will end, and you will make a profit. You can act on the situation and continue to place bets after the fifth, sixth and subsequent goals. This will require a solid bankroll.

We recommend that you always keep a clear mind and evaluate the progress of the match. If teams just go on offense and don’t care about goal defense, then betting on less is stupid. Especially when goals are needed to advance to the next round.

Corner bets

The strategy is based on observing the current situation on the field. If one of the teams went to the defense, and the other tries to score a goal at any cost, then you need to safely bet on the total more in the number of corners. The attacks will be constant, and the team often needs to move the ball over the front line of the field to defuse a dangerous situation.

The total is less worth betting on in the opposite situation on the field. If both teams roll the ball in the center of the field and do not want to attack, then feel free to bet on less, before the bookmaker has lowered the coefficient or reduced the number of corner kicks in the bet parameters, online sports betting.

Interesting is the strategy of betting on corners after analyzing the situation in the first half. For example, if in the first half of the match there were few corners, then in the second part of the meeting it is worth taking a risk and putting more on the total. Especially if at least one of the teams is interested in winning.