Players who are just starting out in betting are often interested in what types of sports betting there are. This is understandable: it is difficult for an inexperienced bettor to understand the abundance of options on which you can bet money in the expectation of winning. Let’s look at what types of bets bookmakers have, their advantages and disadvantages,sports betting

Types of bets – ordinary, express, system

Let’s start with the simplest-with the type of bets depending on the number of events included in the coupon. There are several options.

Ordinary or single bid
In this case, the bettor makes a bet that a certain outcome of a particular event will come. Examples of sports betting of this type are bets on the victory of Spartak in the match with Dynamo. Most bookmakers have such a function as a one-click bet-ordinary. This is done in order to simplify and speed up the betting process.

What is an ordinary in sports betting?

Express or steam train
This is a type of bet that involves the inclusion in one coupon of several bets on different events, usually unrelated to each other. In other words, several ordinaries are combined into a whole. Why do bettors make express trains? It’s very simple: the coefficient of the locomotive is greater than when betting on individual events. The final coefficient is obtained by multiplying all the election kefs included in the coupon.

Example: three bets on the type of ordinary in the amount of 100 rubles with odds of 1.50 in case of victory will bring a net profit in the amount of 150 rubles. That is, (100 x 1.5) + (100 x 1.5) + (100 x 1.5) = 450. We subtract the 300 rubles put down and get 150. If these ordinaries are combined into an express and put the same 300 rubles, you can get 300 x 3,375 = 1012.5 — 300 = more than 700 rubles of net profit. The net profit is the amount of the winnings minus the amount of the bet.

Express betting strategy

But the express has an unpleasant feature – the probability of passing this bet is lower than that of the ordinary. For example, the probability of winning a single bet with a coefficient of 2.00 can be calculated using the formula:

(1 / coefficient) x 100%
And the probability of winning an express with a kef of 3.375 (multiplying the kef of 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5) is 29%. The more events included in the express, the higher the coefficient and the lower the probability of passing the bet. The loss will occur if at least one event included in the combined bet does not enter. The bettor will lose all the money placed on the coupon, that is, in our case, 300 rubles.

System of express trains
The system is the same express, but not from the ordinaries, but from the express trains. There are more than a dozen types of systems, the calculation methods of which are specified in the rules of each bookmaker that accepts bets of this type. For example, there are four events, from which the bettor forms six mini-express bets of two bets, using all the original combinations (option 1 + option 2). The advantage of the system over the express of four bets is that if one event does not play, then three express trains in the system will still pass and bring profit online sports betting .

Sports betting systems

For novice bettors, the best type of betting is definitely ordinaries . Since it is easier to predict the outcome of one event than two, three or four. And the passability of the residents is higher. Therefore, the bettor risks less on the residents bookmaker .