1501 Gojira paper 2016

Last paper you were asked to explain how three different theorists might approach the concept of “disaster” from within their own systems. You did not need to have a thesis or conclusion, only to keep the voices clear and the terminology consistent. In this paper we will add a new requirement. You will need a thesis, but as a chance to practice using a consistent, critical viewpoint you will not have to come up with your own thesis. Instead, here, you will adopt Susan Sontag’s thesis from “The Imagination of Disaster.” Use the line below, taken from her essay, as your own thesis and use it to write a paper (1500 words) on Honda’s 1954 film Gojira.

“[T]he imagery of disaster in science fiction films is above all an emblem of an inadequate response.”

Take this as your position on Gojira. The paragraph only states the problem. Your paper must demonstrate this statement. You may use all that we have studied so far as material to demonstrate the inadequacy of Gojira to convey the problem of radiological disasters such as fear, science, trauma, responsibility, uncertainty, etc.

Further, your first, thesis paragraph must start with a specific scene from the film. (Work up from the detail you choose rather than down from the lofty heights.)

Due Thursday 10 November by 5 pm  

As before turn in your papers under the Assignments tab in Collab.

Papers received after 5 pm will be “one day late” and reduced one-third of a grade, ie from B+ to B. Papers received after midnight will be “two days late” and reduced two thirds, ie from B+ to B-. Midnight on Friday = “three days late” with further reduction, and so on.