Mar 23 Fukushima I

Click for anti-Fukushima song

Click for anti-Fukushima song

Here are some important sites to start looking into the enormity of the Fukushima disaster.


  1. Start by learning the terms; What kinds of radiation are there?
  2. McCormack, short summary of 3/11
  3. Longer summary with some tech specs
  4.  Jacobs, Global Hibakusha Project
  5. Pritchard, “An Envirotechnical Disaster
  6. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, “Fukushima and the Doomsday Clock
  7. explanatory videos: onetwo.

Start listing as many of the hybrid causalities as you can. Keep this list going for the rest of the semester, and try to explain or justify the inclusion of each.

OTHER SOURCES to explore