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Opposition, not LDP/Abe in electoral trouble

Bill Passed

EEnglish translation of Yamamoto’s Diet questions and assertion that the Abe security bills are copies of the third US Armitage-Nye report (2012)

Below: Yamamoto Tarō (Diet Member) taking over five minutes to walk up and record his vote on the bills — 牛歩戦術(gyūho-senjutsu, ぎゅうほせんじゅつ)literal translation: walking like cow strategy : It’s used by minority party members in slowing down their submission of votes when the majority party dismisses oppositions, limits debates and force votes, but here it is also meant to double as “a funeral procession for democracy in Japan.” (thanks to Yukiko Hanawa for gyūho explanation).

VIDEO: 6000-person Osaka SEALDS protest as striking construction workers with anti-Abe banners on their trucks drive through in show of support.

black white tokyo barricades

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VIDEO: Physical confrontation in Diet to prevent a vote on the bills (which will pass with large LDP coalition majority)

VIDEO: opposition Diet members inside Diet building calling for “withdrawal” of the security bill: “haian-haian, haian, haian” (廃案)

Business Insider story on not-yet-normal nation

VIDEO: A protest in Yokohama

Arrests starting

SEALDS guardian

SEALDS click to enlarge

Guardian Story on student protesters and SEALDS (Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy)

SEALDS, freeters, and the precariat in Japan

Sept 14, 2015 night time protest surrounding Diet building (in Japanese) with appearance by Nobel Literature winner Oe Kenzaburō:

Salon.com piece with at least one shout out to the 1870s: The real story behind Shinzo Abe’s visit: China, TPP and what the media won’t tell you about this state visit

Way Previous, Yet Somehow Not

1960 Security Bill Protests (under Abe’s grandfather Kishi Nobusuke) — in Japanese but you’ll get the gist