Nov 9-11: Internal Limits to the Nation-State Form

We’ve already seen the breaking of the Hegelian or Durkheimian theory of the state as a transcendental reconciliation of particular interests when we studied the social problem of the 1890-1900s. As we’ve now been reading Japanese cultural productions through the lens of Balibar’s “fictive ethnicity” — as well as Marx, Lenin, and Foucault’s theories — we need to look at those groups within the state’s power that were not chosen as the story of Japanese ethnicity that endured over time.

Katsuya Hirano, “The Politics of Colonial Translation: On the Narrative of the Ainu as a “Vanishing Ethnicity

Inoue Kiyoshi, “On Discrimination Against Okinawans

Kanno Sugako, “Reflections on the Way to the Gallows

Kotoku Shushui, “On Violent Revolution, From a Jail Cell