3171 Final Exam Question

HIEA 3171 Meiji Japan Final Take-home exam

Using the prompt below as a starting point, and making specific references to our texts, write a 2000-4000 word essay on the nation-state form in Meiji Japan. You do not have to adopt the prompt’s point of view or use it as the only lens to build your argument, but you should use it as a prompt. Use anything and everything from the semester but beware of merely writing an info dump or a list. Use the prompt to say something significant. Now is the time for you to have something to say about the nation-state form in Japan from 1868-1912.

“Let us note here that in contemporary national societies… genealogy is no longer either a body of theoretical knowledge of an object of oral memory, nor is it recorded and conserved privately: today it is the state which draws up and keeps the archive of filiations and alliances….. the ‘external frontiers’ of the state have to become ‘internal frontiers or – which amounts to the same thing – external frontiers have to be imagined constantly as a projection and protection of an internal collective personality, which each of us carries within ourselves and enables us to inhabit the space of the state as a place where we have always been – and always will be – ‘at home.’”

Use footnotes—Chicago style when you have all the information; make the source clear and easily findable when you do not.

Due on Collab Assignments by 5 pm on Dec 11. Papers received after 11:59 pm on the 11th will be considered “two-days late” and reduced one third of a grade, ie from B+ to B. Papers received after 11:59 on the 12th will be considered “two-days late” and reduced two thirds of a grade, ie from B+ to B-. Papers will not be accepted after 5 pm on the 14th.