3 Warrior Rule

Minamoto no Yoritomo

Minamoto no Yoritomo

We now move on to the establishment of the warrior regime at Kamakura in eastern Japan . (Check your maps). Remember what we have learned through the Imperial Concept. It remains as a very strong concept even if it does not actually rule in the ways that it had at times in our last section. The imperial court is still in Kyoto but administrative and political power is clearly elsewhere.

Readings for Week One, Feb 16-18

  1. Sources of Japanese Tradition on New Histories, The Way of the Warrior, and Zen
  2.  Hitomi Tonomura, “Sexual Violence Against Women: Legal and Extralegal Treatment in Premodern Warrior Societies.”
  3. Carl Sagan on the Heike Crabs (3:40 min)

Simpsons: One Hand Clapping

class slides week one

Readings for Week Two, Feb 23-25

  1. Amino, chs. 4-5.
  2. Ikeda, “The Image of Women in Battle Scenes
    1. some better images from the Ikeda article above
  3. Monday class slides

Talk on Buddhism and violence Friday, 3:30 pm, Maury Hall room 104

Week Three

Optional: NYT article on 400th anniversary of the “Ear Mound”