2073 paper 1

HIEA 2073 Japan to 1868

First writing exercise

28 Jan 2015

Making explicit reference to any of our sources, discussions, and/or lectures, discuss the formation of the imperial concept (or imperial ideology if you prefer) in early Japan based on the paragraph below.

“The religious cum political cum economic nature of the agrarian rituals of early leaders, including emperors, is clearly expressed in matsurigoto, the conceptual basis of the political system (risturyō) at the time…. [the early 20c. anthropologist] Orikichi proposes that the early use of the term matsuri, which in contemporary Japanese means festivals or ceremonies, meant osukuni no matsurigoto. Written in three characters that represent ‘to eat,’ ‘country,’ and ‘polity,’ this phrase denotes the country where food for the deities is made.”

500-750 words

Due as hard copy at start of class (2 pm) on Wed Feb 4

Papers received after start of class will be “one day late” and reduced one-third of a grade, ie from B+ to B. Papers received after midnight of the 4th will be “two days late” and reduced two thirds, ie from B+ to B-. Midnight on 5th = “three days late” with further reduction, and so on.