14 Fukushima II Dec 5


“Ecological risk does not conform to the classical conflict model of public versus private interest. It divides the public interest against itself….Taken together, localized threats of potential danger call into question economic growth per se, the dominant values of society, individuals’ ability to run their own lives an have the ‘quality’ of life they choose irrespective of the constraints imposed by the general good. Ecological risk divides society against itself at its most intangible, least measurable, and perhaps most essential point: it divides society on what is supposed to unite it, on its values, on the definition of its collective interest.” —Francois Ewald, “Two Infinities of Risk”

Key Readings:

  1. Interview with Mutō Ruiko
  2. Yoshimi Shun’ya, “Radioactive Rain and the American Umbrella”
  3. A2-B-C documentary (trailer only)

Background: Citizen Science and Secrecy Laws

Required: Protest Songs