Family Game Paper

Take the movie The Family Game and write a paper of 1500 words in which you reimagine it as The Doken Kokka Game. Be as specific as possible and stay anchored to the movie, not merely using the movie as a segue to write about our lectures and readings.

Use footnotes, not endnotes, for your citations. When you don’t have enough information for a full footnote get enough as possible, including page number, so that a reader could easily find the page to look it up. You do not need a bibliography.

Due at noon on Friday the 18th.

Papers received after noon will be considered “one day late” and docked one third of a grade, i.e, from a B+ to a B. Paper’s received after 12 am that night will be considered “two days late” and docked two thirds of a grade, i.e. from a B+ to a B-. Midnight the next day will lose a full grade, and so on.