6 readings Oct 10-12

Keep in mind the new society and the new identities springing up within the frictions and relations of nation/state/capital. This week we recapture a vague growing sense of crisis again. But it is clearly not the naiyū-gaikan variety, nor is it Sensei’s misanthropy.


Key Texts:

  1. Akutagawa Ryūnosuke, “In a Grove
  2. Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows (all)
  3. Watsuji, “The Way of the Subject,” Sources, 284-87.
  4. Edogawa Ranpo, TBD

Background Readings:

  1. The Rise of Revolutionary Nationalism, Sources,  261-299.
  2. Najita & Harootunian, “Japan’s Revolt Against the West” (Read at least “Culturalism” and “Cultural Particularism”)