HIEA 2072 Modern Japan

This course is an introduction to the politics, culture, and ideologies of Modern Japan. While still a 2000-level course covering the years 1800-2000s, we will focus on four major “moments” in modern Japanese history: The Meiji Ishin 1850-90, The Crisis of Nation-State-Capital, 1920-45, and the formation of postwar capitalist society, 1955-89, and the collapse of the Bubble Economy and the “Lost Decade.”

Our key moments are

  1. 1868 The Meiji Revolution
  2. 1931 The Manchurian Incident
  3. 1960 The Anpo Protests
  4. 1995 The Kobe Earthquake and Aum Shinrikyo Gas Attacks

Course Syllabus

Course Schedule