Sept 29 Hiroshima II

Watch stopped at 8:15 am 6 Aug 1945

Watch stopped at 8:15 am 6 Aug 1945

This week we will discuss both the film and the the following short stories as possible responses to the disaster of atomic bombing. To do this we will need to keep focused on the temporal and spatial scale of the bombings and ask in what way to each of our examples address those issues. Are they adequate to the scale? If not, why? Following Treat ask if anything could be adequate to not just a huge disaster of mass death, but to this particular form of mass death that is atomic bombings. (For this we need to refer back to our previous readings such as New Species of Trouble, Virilio, Ewald, Weart, etc.). If literature or film is inadequate, what would be? Politics? Revenge? Why or why not?


The Crazy Iris and Summer Flower; Camus, “Between Hell & Reason

If you are having trouble getting to “The Documentary Fallacy” reading below. Think about our discussion in class on the documentary we saw and then take a look at this short story about someone who remembers absolutely everything. Does a complete and total recall solve the problem? If not, was the problem more than just getting all the facts?

Borges, Funes the Memorius.

Recommended: Treat, Writing Ground Zero, ch. 4, “Hara Tamiki and the Documentary Fallacy” pp. 125-53 (about “Summer Flower”) —On Reserve at Clemons