Sept. 22 Hiroshima I

shock-waves-atomic-bomb-hiroshima57412646625511002We will start a three-week unit on the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Of course, be sure to keep up with each week’s readings and discussions but also work to not only hold the whole three weeks in your head at once. You should also use our theoretical readings and critical vocabulary of the first two weeks as aids and entry points into these texts. You will have a paper on this unit that you will write over fall break. The subject will be announced later in class.

We won’t get to all of the readings this week, but they will continue into Hiroshima II and III, and you will need them for your papers over break so keep up.

In-class film: White Light, Black Rain


  1. Spencer Weart, The Rise of Nuclear Fear (excerpts)
  2. Mark Selden, “The Logic of Mass Destruction”
  3. John Treat, Writing Ground Zero (excerpts)