Oct 6 Hiroshima III

Gojira_1954_Japanese_posterSci-Fi, Fantasy, and the Imagination of Disaster.

We have looked at other versions of writing about disaster and trauma last week. Then we stayed more focused on the documentary nature of the stories. This week we consider the ways in which disaster and trauma are treated in the fantastical and sci-fi traditions by looking at the original Gojira (Godzilla) from 1954. We will screen this as a class before our Oct 6 class.

Film Screening: Wed Oct 1, 7:30-9:15 Clemons rm. 407.

Paper Assignment


Susan Sontag, “The Imagination of Disaster

Joseph Rotblat, “Leaving the Bomb Project“; Lanouette, “Three Attempts to Stop the Bomb

See class screening of Gojira (1954). If you can’t make the screening be sure to watch it on your own (it is on reserve at Clemons) before class.