HIEA 1501 Bakumatsu-Ishin Schedule

Week One: Introduction……….. Jan 24

Week Two: Classic Theories of Revolution……….. Jan 31

Readings: Revolution readings; Republican Revolutions selections; Robespierre; de Tocqueville; Edmund Burke

Week Three: Marxist Theories of Revolution……….. Feb 7

Readings: Marx & Engels, The Communist Manifesto; Lenin, State and Revolution chs. 1-3; Mao selections; Perry Anderson, Modernity & Revolution; Mandel, What is a Revolution? part one

Week Four: Academic Theories of Revolution……….. Feb 14

Readings: Barrington Moore, Jr. “Theoretical Implications and Projections”; Theda Skocpol, “France, Russia, & China”; William Sewell, “Ideologies and Revolutions

Week Five: The Politics of Violence in Tokugawa Japan……….. Feb 21

Readings: The Ako Vendetta; Sources of Japanese Tradition: Trial of the 47 Ronin; Tonomura, “Sexual Violence Against Women: Legal and Extralegal Treatment in Premodern Warrior Society“; Botsman, “Signs of Order: Punishment and Power in the Shogun’s Capital

Optional, short background readingon the Tokugawa order

Week Six: The Peasant Ikki in Tokugawa Japan……….. Feb 28

Readings:Wilson, Patriots and Redeemers, ch. 3; Scheiner, “Benevolent Lords and Honorable Peasants“; Walthall, “The Sakura Sogoro Story“; Vlastos, Introduction

Review Paper Due at Start of Class

Week Seven: Cracks in the System ……….. Mar 14

Readings: MaruyamaStudies in the Intellectual History of Tokugawa Japan, ch. 2; Ogyu Sorai, Bendo,Dazai Shundai, Keizairoku shui, and Hiraga Gennai, Hohiron, all three in Readings in Tokugawa Thought (RTT)

Week Eight: Nativism and Mitogaku……….. Mar 21

Readings: Harootunian, Toward Restoration, ch. 1-2; Aizawa Seishisai, Shinron (1825) in RTT; Recommended: Naobi no mitama and Kokuiko in RTT

Week Nine: Naiyu-Gaikan and Samurai Radicalization………. Mar 28

Readings: Harootunian, Toward Restoration, pp. 136-245; Oshio Heihachirô, “A Call to Arms” (1837) in RTT; Watanabe Kazan, Shinkiron (1838) in RTT; Yoshida Shoin, Ryukonroku (1859) in RTT

Week Ten: Popular Millenarianism in bakumatsu……….. Apr 4

Readings: Wilson, Patriots and Redeemers, chs. 5-6; Vlastos, “New Causes of Conflict”; In-class Film: Ei ja nai ka? (1981)

Week Eleven: Toward Restoration……….. Apr 11

Readings: Harootunian, Toward Restoration, ch. 6; Najita, Japan, ch. 3; Sakuma Shozan in RTT pp. 273-82

Ei ja nai ka? Film response paper due at start of class

Week Twelve: Restoration and Civil War……….. Apr 18

Readings: Harootunian, Toward Restoration, ch. 6 and pp. 380-402; Najita, Japan, ch. 3; Sakuma Shozan in RTT pp. 273-82

Week Thirteen: Ideological Consolidation……….. Apr 25

Readings: Najita, Japan, ch. 4; Fukuzawa Yukichi, Outline of a Theory of Civilization (1875) chapters 1-2, 10; Kato Hiroyuki, “Jinken shinsetsu” (1882)

Week Fourteen: New Problems……….. May 2

Readings: Nakae Chomin, A Discourse by Three Drunkards on Government (1887)

Take-home Final Question Handed Out at End of Class