1501 Take-home final

In this course we have studied the very complicated relationships between what is called history and what is called memory. We have also seen that merely documenting every fact and every detail actually does very little in solving historical or memory disputes over the present status of the past (see Funes). We have also studied numerous cases and examples when history/memory issues flared up in postwar Japan. But, of course, for something so basic as “What is the status of the past?” there was no way we could have studied them all. Your final assignment—which takes the place of a final exam—is to identify and plan one more class, the “class we didn’t do.”

Your class can be on anything related to our issue, the history and memory of the war in Japan. Your assignment is to write a lesson plan (1500-2000 words) in which you must identify:

  1. the issue to be studied
  2. the material to be used in the class (attach and submit as much of this as possible with your assignment; this material does NOT count in the word count above)
  3. the form of classroom activity you feel appropriate to the material (if discussion, give examples of how you think discussion should start and develop; what is the goal of the discussion? If an in-class debate explain the sides you choose and why they are a good way to enter the topic, etc.)
  4. an assignment based on your course that brings out the issues of history and memory
  5. finally, include a justification of why you think this topic, using this materialstudied in this way is a good way to teach the deep and complicated issues of history and memory of the war in Japan.

Papers are due on the collab Assignments page by 5 pm on Dec 14th. Papers received after 5:00 pm will be considered “one day late” and docked one third of a letter grade (ie from B+ to B). Papers received after midnight that evening will be considered “two days late” and docked two thirds of a letter grade (ie from B+ to B-). Papers received after 11:59 pm on Dec 15th will not be graded and your final grade for the course will be determined accordingly.