HIEA 3172 Bibliography Project

Google doc for Jpn Fascism Bib

Google doc for power and everyday life

Google doc for Imperial and Colonial Literature

Google doc for Anti-Colonialism bibliography

Google doc for China and Taiwan in Japanese Empire

Google doc for Korea and Japanese Empire

This group assignment will be in two parts—both of which will be put on line for use by the class. It is due Friday 18 Apr by 5 pm (email to rstolz@virginia.edu).

Part One is an annotated bibliography of 4-6 books or articles (recent books preferred) on your chosen topic. Each entry will start with a full Chicago-style bibliographic entry followed by a short entry of up to 700 words describing the contents, structure, methodological and historiographical approach to the topic by the author—and finally relating these details to our class (either the history or our own historiography: Marx, Foucault, Kawashima, Driscoll, et al.) This finished piece should not only give a reader interested in the topic what is in the book, but go further and explain how and maybe even why the text treats the material as it does. This is not merely copying what the author says he or she is doing. You’ll need your analytical and now critical skills to assess if in fact it succeeds, fails, or succeeds in doing something the author may not even have intended.

Part Two is an introductory essay of no more than 1250 words that will serve as a short review article discussing the bibliography items as a whole. This is why it is important to get the most recent and important work so that this essay may also serve as a short “state of the field” review article.

Both parts are done by the group though the division of labor is up to the group itself. Because of this, lastly, the group should turn in a separate note explaining how the group grade should be calculated for individuals (ie all equal, 60/40%, all for one person, etc.). This last piece must be approved by the whole group. Email this to rstolz@virginia.edu separately and no later than Wed 23 Apr by 5 pm.

There will soon be a wiki where each group can start posting ideas, dead ends, and promising leads. I will be able to chime in and guide the search, but part of this assignment is for you to learn how to look.