Mar 26-28 Managing Populations in Japan

proletarian-gamble-korean-workers-in-interwar-japan-ken-kawashima-paperback-cover-artOur second book is Ken Kawashima’s The Proletarian Gamble (2009). You will need all of your knowledge of Marx’s relative surplus population (Capital ch. 25), the bind of doubly-free labor, and the techniques and technologies for managing a population characteristic of Foucault’s security apparatus, the disciplinary apparatus, and Foucault’s theory of racism as a technique from Society Must be Defended pp. 239-63. The Introduction and Epilogue are difficult but you are more than ready to take them on. Also, pay special attention to the Zizek quote at the beginning of chapter five, especially the meaning and implications of the term “disavowed.”

Readings: Kawashima, Introduction, chapters 1, 2, 3, 5, and Epilogue.