HIEA 3172 Review Paper

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HIEA 3172 The Japanese Empire

Writing assignment #1


Using the intentionally broad category of “populations and power,” write a short (2000 words) review essay in which you identify the categories, mechanisms, and social relations in each text. These texts do not always agree and are often fundamentally opposed. It is not your job to make them agree—let them fight it out on your page. You should also try to relate them to each other, but beware, you are not writing a paper to get the “true” meaning of the terms; you are to stand back and explain how our texts use them. To do this you must keep the many voices, including yours, separate and clear. (If you include them, your own views should be confined to the conclusion.) These are not summaries, but variations on the theme “populations and power.” This assignment is meant to help us consolidate a theoretical vocabulary and clarify our thinking before moving on.

Use the multiple, simultaneous book reviews in the New York Review of Books as your model.

  1. Marx, Capital
  2. Lenin, Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism
  3. Luxemburg, The Accumulation of Capital
  4. Foucault, Security, Territory, Population

Due at the start of class Monday Mar 3

Papers received after 2:10 pm on Monday will be considered “one day late” and downgraded one-third of a letter grade (ie from B+ to B). Papers received after midnight on Monday will be “two days late” and downgraded two-thirds of a letter grade (ie from B+ to B-). Papers received after midnight each day after that will receive further grade reductions.