Feb 10-12 Combined and Uneven Development

Continuing on themes from last week, and in starting our investigations on imperialism, we want to take a look at 1) how might we be able to link the most sophisticated financial and legal arrangements in the metropole with a much different mode or modes of production in the non-capitalist regions. Once again, don’t stop by saying that European banks imposed dominance over XXX’s agriculture or handicraft production. First ask why would the banks be interested, and then, most importantly, identify and explain the mechanisms by which we get from the bank office to the fields. Lastly, with Trotsky, see how all this appears if you don’t adopt a national perspective but a global one.

Readings: Luxemburg, chs. The Accumulation of Capital, chs. 27-31 recommended, but especially 30-31; Trotsky, “Peculiarities of Russia’s Development