Apr 9 Absolute Erotic, Absolute Grotesque I


In many ways this book will be the culmination of our preparation. You’ve put in a lot of work on it, so though it is difficult take your time with it. We’ll spend two weeks on it so you can be careful and watch each of the moves and how they do, or do not, come together as an empire and as a theory of empire. Start by paying special attention to the Preface.

Importantly, remember that we and Driscoll are not describing people. We are analyzing specific imperialist (and racist) discourses that tried to constitute some people as “coolie” or “prostitute” or “stubborn farmer.” As we shall see in earnest later, we will also see how some people resisted and reconstituted themselves as “nationalist,” “communist,” or “anti-colonialist.”

Readings: Absolute Erotic, Absolute Grotesque, Preface, Introduction, and all of Part I