3172 Jpn Emp Schedule

Jan 17 Introduction

Jan 22-24 Intro to Capitalism

Jan 29-31 Accumulation

Feb 5 Expropriation and Exploitation (no class W Feb 7)

Feb 12-14 Colonialism and Accumulation

Feb 19-21 Managing Populations/Biopolitics

Feb 26-28 Western Imperialism in Asia

Review paper due Friday Mar 2

Mar 12-14 Nation and Empire in Japan

Read Shanghai

Mar 19-21 Managing Imperial Populations in the Empire (Park)

Mar 26-28 Managing Imperial Populations in Japan (Kawashima)

Apr 2-4 Violence and Accumulation (Driscoll pt I)

Bibliography Assignment Info

Apr 9 Manchurian Apotheosis (Driscoll pt II)

Apr 16-18 Manchurian Apotheosis (Driscoll pt III)

Bibliography due Mon Apr 23 1 pm

Apr 23-25 Wither Empire?

Apr 30 Wrap-up