3172 Final Exam

HIEA 3172 The Japanese Empire

Final Take-home exam

May 5, 2018

It is now time to try and hold the whole semester in your head—and then more importantly, get it on your page. Use the quote below as a prompt to write an essay (2000 words) in which you explain the history of the Japanese empire; i.e. strive to not only give an account of the empire, but also to account for it. Use anything we have done in class but don’t bring in outside work, this is an analytical/critical exercise, not a research paper. Use all your tools, contradiction, form & appearance, biopolitics, ideology, crisis, etc., etc. Use Chicago style footnotes. Try and keep lecture citations to a minimum. That was me explaining the empire. It is now your turn.

“When monopoly capitalism becomes imperialistic it attempts to hide the contradictions of imperialism domestically through state power, and internationally by building up the perception that it can solve the problems by force. Fascism is the political mechanism that, in order to accomplish these measures, takes advantage of the petit bourgeois, or the middle-class in the broad sense, a class which is experiencing turmoil in their social consciousness through various particular domestic and international political circumstances. Fascism is the seemingly advantageous method that appears to be succeeding in realizing its actual goal of extending finance capitalism, by taking advantage of the middle-class who have emotionally lost all faith in both the dictatorship of the proletariat and the explicit rule of the liberal bourgeoisie, both of whom come to emotionally hold onto the fantasy that they share the interests of fascism.”

Due on Collab Assignments by 5 pm Saturday, May 5. This is a university deadline and cannot be changed.