Nov 12 – Hiroshima, the Cold War, and the Return of the Repressed 3

  1. Review readings on the Nuclear Village (原子ムラ/原子共同体)
  2. Eisenhower, “Atoms for Peace
  3. Yoshimi Shun’ya, “Radioactive Rain and the American Umbrella”
  4. Gavan McCormack, “Japan as a Nuclear State”

Bring to class at least a one paragraph write-up of your intended final project. These can be a paper, a website, a survey of NYU students, a proposed museum exhibit, or many other choices. For Monday the 12th have at least a topic and be able to explain why you’re interested in it. We’ll go around the room and hear your topics and interests. You bring the “what” and the “why,” and we’ll workshop the “how.” You will hand these in during class so make sure they are written out.