Final – Take Home Assignment

The Class We Didn’t Do

Your assignment is to plan one more 2.5 hour seminar on a subject related to Japan’s Fukushima Disaster that we didn’t do this semester. It can be related to a class we actually did but must be an expansion or different take on it.

Submit as a single PDF on Collab/Assignments the following:

  1. A Class Title
  2. The issue you want to explore: i.e. Class goals
  3. A list of the sources and materials you would assign for reading
  4. An explanation of why you think those materials do what you want to get out of the class
  5. Your plan for what to do in-class: quiz, discussion (based on what and where you think the discussion should go and do), etc.
  6. Attach the materials as an appendix to the end of your plan—also in the PDF.

Should be roughly 1000-1500 words not including materials in appendix.