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History 392 - Fall 2007

2829 Dunford Hall - 6F
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W 8.22 Introduction (PDFs are PASSWORD PROTECTED—the password is available on the BlackBoard course site)
Nation, Narative, and History
F 8.24 Totman introduction pp. 1-8 plus maps (Map Quiz)
M 8.27 Amino Yoshihiko, “Emperor, Rice, and Commoners”
W 8.29 Simon Kaner, “Beyond Ethnicity and Emergence in Japanese Archeology”
F 8.31 Totman introduction pp. 1-8 (again)
M 9.03

NO CLASS Labor Day

Imperial Histories
W 9.05 Totman pp. 38-86 and map 2; (Paper #1: Nation, Narrative, and History due at start of class)
F 9.07 Kojiki, D. Phillipi trans. 47-86, 163-4, 174-7, 232-52 ; Man’yoshu selections 1, 13-15, 156-8, 159, 160-2, 167-9, 207-12
M 9.10 Joan Piggot, “Chieftain Pairs and Corulers
W 9.12 Totman Heian pp. 88-97, 114-39
F 9.14 The Tale of Genji, trans. Arthur Waley, “Yugao” and “Aoi
Warrior Society
M 9.17 Totman Kamakura pp.107-13, 146-74
W 9.19 Ikeda Shinobu, “The Image of Women in Battle Scenes” (Better images on course Blackboard site)
F 9.21 Hitomi Tonomura, “Sexual Violence Against Women: Legal and Extralegal Treatment in Premodern Warrior Societies
(Paper #2: Imperial Histories due at start of class)
M 9.24 The Ten Foot Square Hut, Totman 190-7
W 9.26 Tales of the Heike least 22-95, Totman 198-202
F 9.28 Tales of the Heike pp.finish
M 10.01 Totman warring states pp. 176-90
W 10.03 Totman Tokugawa pp. 203-35
F 10.05 NO CLASS
M 10.08 Keene, "Chushingura" (Hodges Reserve desk) and "Forty-Seven Ronin Incident" in Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan (Hodges Reference only)
W 10.10 Debates on the Ako Vendetta
F 10.12 NO CLASS
M 10.15 Film: Chushingura Hodges Library Room 252 9:15-12:45
W 10.17 Film: Chushingura Hodges Library Room 212 1:00-4:45
F 10.19 Amino Yoshihiko, “The Maritime View of the Japanese Archipelago” and "Bandits, Pirates, Merchants, and Financiers"
M 10.22 Edo Culture Totman 246-84; (Paper #3: Warrior Society due at start of class—Yamaga Soko texts)
W 10.24 Ihara Saikaku, Five Women Who Loved Love (first three stories req'd but try to read all)
F 10.26 Hiraga Gennai, On Farting (1791)
M 10.29 Naiyu-gaikan; Shiba Kokan, On Western Painting and Watanabe Kazan, On a Serious Matter
Japan's Modern Transformation
W 10.31 Totman Meiji pp. 285-314
F 11.02 Fukuda Hideko, "People's Rights and National Rights"
M 11.05 Kokoro (all)
W 11.07 Totman Taisho pp. 368-89
F 11.09 Totman Dark Valley pp. 327-34 and 390-448
M 11.12 Ienaga, The Pacific War pp. 1-98
W 11.14 Ienaga, The Pacific War pp. 99-end
F 11.16 The 1955 System
M 11.19 Totman Econ Miracle TBA (Paper #4: Japanese Modernity due at start of class) Kita Ikki text for papers
W 11.21 Minamata: Totman "Society and Environment (1945-90) (ch.19)
F 11.23 NO CLASS
M 11.26 Film: The Family Game
W 11.28 Film: The Family Game
F 11.30 Gavan McCormack, "Koizumi's Coup"
M 12.03 In-class reading exam